the story

Kirkeby & Thrane operates Sinai Dairy located in scenic surroundings in Broby on Funen in Denmark.

At the dairy are produced genuine smoked cheese, home made cream cheese, Danish Emmental (Fynbo and Svenbo) and buttermilk and buttermilk dessert.  


The dairy has existed since 1887 and was for almost 100 years a dairy cooperative, but was sold in 1987 and the last 30 years is has been privately owned.

In 1953, the dairy rebuilt and modernized so that it could compete with other dairy companies.  


In the dairy shop along with Sinai Dairy are sold both own products, other cheeses and other dairy products The range spreads widely from egg to Italian wines, oils, various Mediterranean specialties and delicacies for the sweet tooth.

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Kirkeby & Thrane sells a wide range of dairy products for industry, catering and retail industry as well as the kosher market.